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Ilnika Growing Gardens Ilnika is a landscaping company that specialises in the creation of sustainable gardens not just for a season, but for lifetime. We help our clients create their own green haven amidst the urban sprawl of today’s world. Through practical and creative ideas that add value to both your environment and lifestyle, we can tailor make any landscape specific to your needs.

We specialise in all garden types, corporate landscaping solutions, residential gardens, complexes, water features, irrigation, hardscapes and wetlands. Weather you are in need of small renovations to your garden or require a complete redesign of your outdoor area, we have skilled and experienced horticultural experts with the knowledge to fulfill any request.















The beauty of landscaping the backyard

Landscaping your garden can be an over whelming task. Why is it the best way? It is simple; you can sit back, relax and choose the perfect garden for exactly what you want. At Ilnika Landscaping, we offer a wide variety of options when it comes to landscaping the backyard. Here are the process and steps that we have to offer:

  1. Analysis of your site: This process is done by measuring your garden, its gradient, the sunny and shady areas and the consideration of what you want and need
  2. The design: Here we offer creative solutions that provide you with a holistic view of your future landscape through our detailed plans
  3. Irrigation: We offer a complete sprinkling irrigation solution (from design to installation) which ensures your plants receive the correct amount of water on a daily basis
  4. Hard Landscaping: This is the area that doesn’t involve actual gardening, it involves paving, retaining walls, rocks, stones or pebbles that need to be creatively designed and built into your garden
  5. Planting: With Ilnika Landscaping we position and group your plants in their correct location, making sure that they are sculptured and corresponds with your exact requirements
  6. Finishes: We offer a complete package, so any pots, water features, sculptures; lighting or decorative ideas are all offered to make sure your garden is perfectly suited to your needs.

The first opinion people have of you when it comes to your home is your garden. If your garden is not in good shape then opinions will be bad, if this is the case, then landscaping the backyard is what you need because not all of us can make our gardens beautiful on our own. Landscaping is all about modification of an area of land, which includes flora, and fauna.

Ilnika Landscaping will offer you landscaping for all types of gardens and styles that will make your garden shine, we are like none other, we personalise your garden to your life stage, lifestyle preference, income and your personal values. Landscaping and gardening that is done by us, focuses on designing and building gardens and landscaping in residential and commercial areas (naturalistic, formal, contemporary).

Ilnika Landscaping offers the best and unique landscaping to ensure your garden looks magnificent; we have the best and most affordable prices to help all clients have the garden of their dreams. We believe that the transfer of our skills and knowledge will contribute to the creation of a beautiful South Africa.

Landscape design the how to:

We believe that strong design, supported by forward thinking technologies will result in the creation of gardens that are in harmony with your lifestyle. We offer steps on landscape design and the how to for your garden, we cater for all types of people and gardens so that our clients are extremely satisfied. Have a look through our incredible landscaping garden designs then you can have your pick for the personal choice of your garden.


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