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Landscape Design: How to Express Yourself Using Nature - 23 December 2013

Your personality will determine the way in which you approach landscape design. Learning how to express yourself through nature starts by being able to understand your OWN true nature. Here at Ilnika Landscaping, we can help to create a garden that will bring harmony to your life. We are able to handlelandscaping design according to each individual client’s wants and needs. We know how to cater for YOUR unique preferences. 


Landscaping the Backyard: Some Top Tips - 19 December 2013

Landscaping the backyard, or any garden area for that matter, is not a skill that can be learnt over night. In fact, landscaping is an art! However, just because it is an amazing talent, does not mean that you cannot begin to develop your own skills in landscape design. If you have ever wondered how totransform your garden into a green paradise for everyone to enjoy, you have definitely come to the right place! 

Landscaping the Backyard: Our Speciality - 16 December 2013

Providing you with the finest landscaping services for the backyard and garden of your home is what we do best here at Ilnika Landscaping. Our passion for creating harmony and beauty is what makes us the leaders in the industry of landscape design in South Africa. Seeing as though we know how to create something extraordinary out of nothing, we are the true creative geniuses that you can count on. 


Landscaping the Backyard: We Do it for You - 10 december 2013

Here at Ilnika Landscaping, we are way more than just a basic gardening service in South Africa. We are a company that consists of professional and experienced landscapers. When it comes time to start landscaping the backyard and creating an atmosphere that is both beautiful and tranquil, we are the best people for the job. 


Landscape Design: How to Wow with Your Garden - 03 December 2013

It is a dream of nearly everyone to enjoy luxurious, well-designed gardens but when it comes to landscape designhow to truly impress becomes a tough question. While you may have a general vision for your garden in mind when landscaping the backyard, how do you turn it into a reality?


Designing and Landscaping the Backyard of Many Happy Clients - 25 November 2013

Here at Ilnika Landscaping our philosophy is to have a passion for the impossible when it comes to designing and landscaping the backyard of your dreams. Both domestically and commercially, our landscaping services have been of assistance to an array of satisfied clients. 

Landscaping the Backyard of Your Dreams with Ilnika Landscaping - 18 November 2013

If you desire a beautiful garden to be the first thing than greets you and the last thing you see in the morning, landscaping the backyard of your dreams is possible with Ilnika Landscaping. We will undertake the design, landscaping, sprinkling and irrigation of any domestic backyard, hotel, game reserve and more with your unique vision in mind.

Landscaping the backyard is Always a Good Idea - 11 November 2013

Have you ever peered through a fence and seen landscaping in the backyard that was breath taking? When you come to Ilnika Landscaping, you will achieve the same results, arrangements of flora, rock and sand that increase the value of your property. When Ilnika Landscaping landscape your backyard we will modify the visible features of your land, by creating a beautiful environment within the area allotted.

Landscape Design: How To Better Your Garden - 05 November 2012

Landscape DesignHow to Better Your Garden: For advice on landscaping the backyard, front yard and everything in-between, you have come to the right place! Firstly, what exactly is landscaping? What does landscape design how to entail? Landscaping, contrary to popular belief, is about more than just gardening and planting flowers.  Landscaping the backyard or garden of your home or business refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land. 


The Landscape Design How To from Ilnika Landscaping - 24 October 2013 

Welcome to Ilnika Landscaping, where we would love to give you the landscape design how to. If you want to go about landscaping the backyard or garden of your home or office, but are unsure about how to proceed, you have come to the right place. We, here at Ilnika Landscaping, would love to be of service to you. Please, do read on, for your comprehensive landscape design how to.

Landscaping the Backyard with Ilnika Landscaping - 14 October 2013  

Welcome to Ilnika Landscaping, where we make landscaping the backyard easy and affordable. We also provide you with the comprehensive landscape design how to.


Sprinkling and Irrigation Services from Ilnika Landscaping - 10 October 2013

As the landscaping specialists, Ilnika Landscaping offers you individual sprinkling and irrigation services as well as holistic garden analysis, design, landscaping and installation of features. Whether you are a homeowner looking for an elegant change when landscaping the backyard or you requiresprinkling and irrigation for a game reserve or resort, Ilnika Landscaping should be your first and only port of call. 


Landscaping the Backyard: What is Hardscaping? - 03 October 2013

When it comes to landscaping the backyard of your beloved home, there are many factors you would consider to allow your own unique style to translate into a beautiful garden. One such element of landscaping is hardscaping, but what is it?

About Landscaping the Backyard and Creating a Garden - 30 September 2013

Have you decided to embark on a landscaping project? The backyard and courtyard of your home should complement and complete the style and elegance of your interior decorating. Landscaping for gardens is certainly the way to go to achieve the ultimate green sophistication. 

Landscaping the Backyard Made Easy - 25 September 2013

Here at Ilnika Landscaping, garden specialists and exterior designers, landscaping the backyard is made incredibly easy. Our commitment and professionalism is such, that landscaping the backyard – or any other yard for that matter – need no longer be a daunting task.

Landscaping the Backyard with Ilnika - 16 September 2013 

Welcome to Ilnika Landscaping, where landscaping the backyard of your home or the front garden of your office, is what we do best! When it comes tolandscaping the backyard, no matter how neglected or unkempt the backyard in question might be, we here at Ilnika Landscaping can take care of it.

About Landscaping the Backyard and Creating a Garden 09 September 2013 

Have you decided to embark on a landscaping project? The backyard and courtyard of your home should complement and complete the style and elegance of your interior decorating. Landscaping for gardens is certainly the way to go to achieve the ultimate green sophistication. 

Landscaping for the Backyard of Your Dreams - 06 September 2013 

It is safe to say that when it comes to landscaping the backyard, we have all either seen or dreamt of an exquisite garden with landscaping fit for the backyard of your dreams. Nothing says elegance quite like natural, modern water features and finishes for your exterior decorating pleasure and nobody speaks your language quite like Ilnika Landscaping



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