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Designing and Landscaping the Backyard of Many Happy Clients

Here at Ilnika Landscaping our philosophy is to have a passion for the impossible when it comes to designing and landscaping the backyard of your dreams. Both domestically and commercially, our landscaping services have been of assistance to an array of satisfied clients. Why not become one of them?

Perhaps you have a dream, but you are not quite sure how that would translate into a tangible garden. It could also be that you do not have a specific vision in mind but that you wish to improve the image of your offices or home. Either way, Ilnika Lanscaping is standing by to aid in conceptualising your dreams with a well-designed, excellently built garden. Landscaping the backyard, even if merely co-ordinating a variety of suppliers and gardeners, can turn into a nightmare if undertaken alone. Fortunately, all the hassle of admin, design, construction and clean-up is our job to do. All that would be left for you to do is enjoy the tranquillity of your garden. Our services include sprinkling and irrigation for both large and small areas as well, so that every angle is covered and it is covered well.

Some of our clients for landscaping the backyard or courtyard of particularly domestic residences have included:

  • House Cloete: Mrs Cloete had a Georgian style house that we complemented with formal hedges and lollypop shrubbery as well as colourful foliage for contrast. We also placed a water feature that could be seen from the front door down the passage.
  • House De Lange: Landscaping the backyard of the De Lange residence involved combining luxury city-style living with the simplicity of the countryside with a small, rugged water feature and natural colours. Mr De Lange required lush green lawns and a lapa for outdoor entertaining and we complied. When landscaping the backyard, your vision is always our top priority and we will not replace your ideas with our own.
  • House Heyns: This was more of a challenge, but our passion for the impossible came into play! The house is built on the rocky mountain edge of the Pretoria Golf Estate, but this fact lends itself nicely to our idea of having a large water feature that fountains out of the top corner of the stand, runs through the garden, disappears into a pond and emerges again at the front of the garden.
Whatever your unique goal for your domestic or commercial garden may be, ensure that it is fulfilled in style and with aesthetics in mind with Ilnika Landscaping. Landscaping the backyard of your dreams can be done in conjunction with the construction of your home or as a project to revamp your exterior design elements. The outside of your house often comes second to your interior design. However, both facets of your home or business are equally important if you consider that your garden is what most people will see. In terms of your corporate image, a well kept and innovative garden will have potential clientele subconsciously associating these attributes with your operations.  When it comes to landscape design, “how to wow” is made simple by us. Contact Ilnika Landscaping today!



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