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Dreams Of Landscaping the Backyard Can Come True

If you have been longing to make over your garden but you have not been able to find a company that can do it, well now your dreams of landscaping the backyard can come true. Here at Ilnika Landscaping we believe in your vision for your home and we want to help you bring that to fruition by offering your landscaping services which are not only highly professional but incredibly affordable. We have green thumbs that we are extremely proud of and with a portfolio of happy customers who have had their gardens changed by our thumbs, I am sure you will be able to see why. We can be involved from helping you to create the overall design, to putting structures in place and planting any shrub, tree or flower you may want in your garden.

If you are still unsure about hiring us to handle the landscaping of the backyard within your home, just take our years of experience as a sign that we are knowledgeable, reliable and creative and not to mention, leaders in this industry. Ilnika Landscaping has worked extensively in South Africa to give people the gardens of their dreams. We have not only created stunning gardens, but also satisfied hundreds of clients along the way as we have mentioned. Our expertise lies predominantly in the designing of eccentric gardens and creating what was thought to be impossible.

Our success with landscaping design comes down to how we have been able to use several key elements which we apply to all designs. But do not worry, this does not mean that you garden will look the same as someone else’s garden. It just means that these elements are key in supporting your vision and making it the best it can be. These elements are balance, variety, integrity and simplicity.

Balance refers to the over balance of the garden. If you have a lot of trees and big heavy structures on one side of the garden and little flowers on the other, it feels unbalanced and this can throw the whole design off making the space feel strange to be in. To avoid this we ensure that every area of the garden has some highs, some lows, so hard finished and some soft ones to keep the balance. Even if you wish to separate your garden into different zones, we attempt to balance each zone so that one area does not over power the others.

Varity simply means having a mix of colours, textures, sounds, smells and experience in your garden to ensure that you never get bored of it. Integrity is a simple principle of respecting the plants you wish to use and giving them the space to not only grow properly but to also be seen and appreciated. And lastly, simplicity is hugely important in achieving a garden which you can maintain and enjoy. Do not over crowed your garden, choose a few focal point pieces or plants and then just enough soft plants and finished to create a flow between them. Following these rules in landscaping design can teach anyone how to get the garden of their dreams and this is why we use them to give you yours.

When we are done landscaping the backyard, to help you take care of it we can also install sprinkling irrigation systems to make watering easy. Here at Ilnika, we really can help you with every aspect of your dream garden.

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