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Sprinkling and Irrigation for your garden

Having to water your garden all the time is frustrating so why not get sprinkling and irrigation systems for your garden. State of the art sprinkling and irrigation systems take the daily hassle out of maintaining your garden by regulating the watering of your garden. These irrigation systems can be set onto timers and pop up sprinkler heads, which you can have placed strategically around your garden, will appear out of the ground, water the garden and then disappear again. You do need to get professionals to install your sprinkling and irrigating system however because it involves the laying of pipes and connecting the system up to the water and electricity systems in your home. It will also involve a fair bit of digging up of your garden so you may want to consider landscaping the backyard at the same time. 

How to design a landscape with Ilnkia Landscaping 

When thinking about redoing your garden as part of the irrigating installation process you should definitely learn how to design a landscape with us at Ilnika Landscaping. We have years of experiences in the field of landscaping design and because of this our designs have up lifted the gardens of South Africans everywhere. Many of us will find that we simply do not have the time to attend to our gardens as we wish we could. In truth this is one of the primary reasons for our prosperity here at Ilnika Landscaping. Now critics of what we do will tell you that we are nothing more than a service of convenience but like many mindless observers such people would be wrong. Products such as our sprinkling and irrigation systems may have been derived from thoughts of convenience but our work is primarily artistic in nature, excuse the pun. Our art form requires nothing more than passion, blood, sweat and tears. 

We can work with you to decide how to do your landscape design and from there we set about buying the plants and accessories needed and then we get to work. We believe that it is always important to have a focal point in every garden and this can be everything from an entertainment space to a water feature. What a focal point does is it draws the eye in and acts as an anchor for the rest of the design. Without a strong focal point you will be left with a garden that looks scattered and none of the spaces or design elements will seem to relate to each other. A popular type of focal point these days is to build a fire pit entertainment area in the centre of the garden where people can go and sit around the fire pit in the evenings. These days you can even get gas fire pits if you think that the traditional option is too much of a hassle. 

Getting a garden that is stunning and easy to maintain is no problem at all. All you have to do is call us at Ilnika Landscaping and we will do the rest.



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