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Landscape Design: How to Wow with Your Garden

It is a dream of nearly everyone to enjoy luxurious, well-designed gardens but when it comes to landscape design, how to truly impress becomes a tough question. While you may have a general vision for your garden in mind when landscaping the backyard, how do you turn it into a reality?

Part of turning a vision into something that actually looks good in practice is the way the garden is put together. All elements have to be considered as, by definition, landscape design (and how to do it) comes from altering both natural and man-made elements. Shop around, see what exists, explore pictures on the internet, determine what you love in a garden and have fun. Many of us dread the work involved in landscaping, but it could be an experience that is just as rewarding as the end result if undertaken with the following tips in mind:

  1. Seek professional landscapers: Better than a single landscaper is enlisting the aid of a landscaping company. This is beneficial for many reasons, one being that a company has access to more goods and suppliers in the market and another being better expertise and design teams. You may wish to go at it alone, but in the end it could be more costly, especially considering factors such as sprinkling and irrigation that are best undertaken professionally.
  2. Blend elements: Blending what is called hard-scaping (stone, flagstone, rock, built features) and soft-scaping (trees, soil, flowerbeds, grass and vegetables) well guarantees a landscape design masterpiece. How to blend the two seamlessly depends on the look you are going for but it is important to be aware that both exist to play around with and even offset each other. Often the hard elements should not outweigh the soft and a good indication is if they are becoming obvious. Consult with your design team about your desires.
  3. Use your space to your advantage: This involves the actual space you have to work with but also the elevation of your garden. For example, if your garden has a steep incline, rather than being an obstacle to work around it can make for a beautiful water feature that flows naturally from the highest to lowest point.
  4. Have a few items of visual intrigue: One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to landscape design is how to make your garden interesting. A few, well-placed items among other features that are there mainly to “blend in” with the look can be beneficial. Examples are pops of a different colour from the general theme or a few spiralled bushes.
  5. Stick to a design feel: Examples of this are rustic, modern or natural. Mixing themes too much will make for a garden with elements that are not tied together nicely as a whole. For example, if you decide on a predominantly “countryside” design, very few modern pieces can be used.

Landscape design and how to perfect it is an art form that uses the earth as a palette and nature as a medium. Why not embark on a project of your own today?

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