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Landscape Design: How to Express Yourself Using Nature

Your personality will determine the way in which you approach landscape design. Learning how to express yourself through nature starts by being able to understand your OWN true nature. Here at Ilnika Landscaping, we can help to create a garden that will bring harmony to your life. We are able to handle landscaping design according to each individual client’s wants and needs. We know how to cater for YOUR unique preferences.

Here are a few general guidelines that we follow when we are in charge of landscaping the backyard or garden:

1)   Outgoing personality: For our clients with colourful, vibrant personalities, we like our landscaping designs to be just as colourful and just as vibrant. We enjoy creating a match between garden and home owner so that they will always feel as though they belong. For those who have big personalities, we like to include plenty of fresh flowers in our designs – these flowers always brighten up the day!

2)   Seeks harmony in all aspects of life: For those who value order above all else, we place a lot of emphasis on creating symmetry within the garden. For example, if you want to plant some flowers on the left side of your rockery, it is a good idea to plant some on the right side as well. Anything that pleases the eye, and that appeals to your personal tastes and general personality, is what makes landscaping unique. Here at Ilnika Landscaping, we are here to provide you with a garden that YOU will enjoy!

3)   Tranquil, calm personality: These types of people usually thrive better in gardens that are more green than they are colourful. Because of this, we like to plant plenty of succulents, trees and bushes.

4)   In touch with one’s inner child: For those who want a garden with a real personality, we can add a few special touches. We have a few wonderful ornaments that we can place for you such as lady birds and garden gnomes.

5)   Searching for beauty: For those who value beauty within a garden, we always try to include something extra in our landscape design. We know how to beautify even the most basic of gardens. Our favourite accessories are water features which create a sense of tranquillity and are always gorgeous to look at. 

Sprinkling and Irrigation Services

If you need our professional assistance with sprinkling and irrigation services in South Africa, please never hesitate to give us a call. When it comes to your garden, we know how to keep it looking lush and green all year round. All it takes is proper sprinkling and irrigation equipment. Our experts will be able to install this equipment for you with ease – and all at cost effective prices that are simply unbeatable in every way!

If you have any questions at all about our sprinkling, irrigation and general landscaping services, always feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you to transform your garden!  



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