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Landscaping the Backyard Has Never Been Easier 

Revamping your home can be a really challenging task, but for the gardens, well, landscaping the backyard has never been easier. That is because here at Ilnika Landscaping we take the stress out design, layout planting and maintenance of your new garden away. You can now have an outside that will put your inside to shame. Here at Ilnika Landscaping, we make landscaping the backyard easy and affordable. We also provide you with a comprehensive landscape design according to your vision and we will show you how to keep the design looking fresh and beautiful for years to come. 

What is important to remember about all landscape design is that you need to learn how to work with different layers, elements and features. To help you out and give you an idea of what I mean, I will tell you about some of these elements:

Soft: Soft elements include flowers, grass, shrubs. Basically any plants that have a delicate appearance with rounded or soft shapes.

Hard: hard elements are often more structural pieces such as a water feature or a big wooden gazebo. These elements can be used to create a frame work, for example, placing a fountain at the centre of the garden and then working your design out from there is a great way to structure the garden. Paved pathway are also hard elements which can be used to break up a design. 

Hard and soft elements need to work together to create a textual balance in your garden. The one creates structure and the other flow and together they help create a garden that is soft and inviting without being unruly. 

Other important elements include: 

Tall: Trees, fences, gazebos and even any tall plant can all be tall elements in your garden. These are important to draw the eye up and it helps to prevent your garden looking cluttered with all the plants or structural features fighting for space in the same area.

Short: In the same way that tall elements lift the eye up, short ones bring it down and prevent the ground from looking sparse and boring. These can be any small flowers, paving, and any little features you may want to add. 

Tall and short elements also need to work together to make your garden feel full without feeling cramped by occupying different levels. They also simply add visual interest to your space. Landscaping the backyard is not difficult if you apply the basic principles. Find balance for everything, even shapes, such as using squares and circles together to create angles and flow. 

That is the landscaping but taking care of the garden does not need to be difficult either because we can also install sprinkling and irrigation systems. These high quality systems are reliable and do not erratically water your garden whenever they feel like it. You just set the timer and they will deliver water to your garden at that time without fail. 

Here at Ilnika Landscaping we want to make it easy for you to have a stunning garden, sadly though we cannot help with the inside.

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