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Landscaping the Backyard: Our Speciality

Providing you with the finest landscaping services for the backyard and garden of your home is what we do best here at Ilnika Landscaping. Our passion for creating harmony and beauty is what makes us the leaders in the industry of landscape design in South Africa. Seeing as though we know how to create something extraordinary out of nothing, we are the true creative geniuses that you can count on.

Landscaping the backyard of your home is not as easy as whipping out the lawnmower. Landscaping is an art and it requires an immense amount of skill and an eye for detail that only comes with years of practice. Here at Ilnika Landscaping, we possess all of the necessary traits in order to provide you with landscaping services that are sure to impress. The backyard and garden will never look the same again!

We like to think of ourselves as artists. However, we do not only draw upon our own inspiration when landscaping the backyard. We take the time to get to know the needs and expectations of each specific client. We do this so that we are able to supply you with a final result that will create harmony within YOUR soul. Knowing the client is a huge part of being able to landscape like a pro. Using earth as our pallet and nature as our medium, we will for fulfil your wildest dreams in design and landscape construction in South Africa – guaranteed. The Ilnika Landscaping way is the ONLY way!

Besides the fact that we have the creativity needed in order to do a fabulous job, why exactly should you consider hiring us to take care of the landscaping process of the backyard and garden? Well, for starters, Ilnika Landscaping has worked extensively in South Africa and in Africa as a whole. This is testament to the fact that we have plenty of experience and expertise to offer you, our loyal client. We have created not only stunning gardens, but also satisfied hundreds of clients along the way. Our expertise lies predominantly in the designing of eccentric gardens and creating what was once thought to be impossible. Our unique ability has given us a leading edge in the market – and we show no signs of slowing down our progress any time soon!

Whether you need help with sprinkling and irrigation or whether you are simply looking to add some personality to your garden or backyard, please do not hesitate for a second to get in touch with us. Landscaping the backyard is, after all, what we do best!

Did you know, here, irrigation is considered to be a huge part of the holistic garden design, and a suitable and appropriate method of watering is designed so as to successfully meet the required objectives of the design in order to determine the actual watering needs? A precise scientific approach is adopted and with the professional backup of Turf and Hunter SA, installations can't go wrong. 



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