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Landscaping the Backyard To Make Your Home Beautiful

When it comes to making your house into a home you need to consider landscaping the backyard to make your home beautiful. This means you need to find professions who are the best at landscape design and have the know-how to make your vision of your garden a reality. If you can dream it then we have the tools, trained professionals and imagination to bring it to life. ‘But who are you?’ you ask, well we are the proud people of Ilnika Landscaping and we are in the business of making people fall in love with theirs gardens all over again.

Landscaping the backyard, or any garden area for that matter, is not a skill that can be learnt over night but is rather an art that has to be taught and perfected! However, just because it is an amazing talent, does not mean that you cannot begin to develop your own vision in landscape design. If you have ever wondered how to transform your garden into a green paradise for everyone to enjoy, you have definitely come to the right place! When we begin a landscaping job, whether it is the front or backyard, we always follow certain principles. Let us tell you a little bit about the principles so you can begin to imagine the effect that our green thumbs can have on your garden.

Symmetry is a surprisingly import aspect to consider when laying out a design. By symmetry I do not mean that the garden must be a mirror image to the left and right, but rather that it must be balanced. If you were to plant all your large plants and trees on one side of the garden and all the smaller plants on the other side it would feel heavy on the one side. This affects the subconscious of anyone who may use the garden and can cause them to feel uncomfortable in the space. We are not psychologists and cannot tell you the reason for this but what we can tell you is that balance gives you harmony in the garden which means it will be a calming and relaxing space to send time in. When helping to set up your garden design we will ensure that the layout is perfectly balanced and relaxing. 

Another principle which is important to us in our work is variety. This means variety of all things; colours, textures, shapes, sized, plants types and even sounds. Your garden should be an experience for the senses evoking something new with every sight, smell and touch. Every time you are in your garden you will find something new to wonder at meaning you will not tire of your piece of outdoor paradise. 

Here at Ilnika Landscaping we have the experience in landscaping design and the know-how to bring your garden to life and with our skills and principles you can be guaranteed a relaxing space that you will love.

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