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Landscaping the backyard and using artistic irrigation systems

Many of us will find that we simply do not have the time to attend to our gardens as we wish we could. In truth this is one of the primary reasons for our prosperity here at Ilnika Landscaping. Now critics of what we do will tell you that we’re nothing more than a service of convenience but like many mindless observers such people would be wrong. Products such as our sprinkling irrigation systems may have been derived from thoughts of convenience but our work is primarily artistic in nature. Our art form requires nothing more than 3 colours, blood, sweat and tears. With these three ingredients our company has grown in an unhindered manner. Today our services are renowned for producing the most stunning landscapes in the industry bar none! As mentioned above some of our services are derived from thoughts of convenience for our customers and our sprinkling irrigation systems are one such example. These systems can be used for a great deal of purposes which include:

  • Water supply to plants and flowers
  • Water supply to fruit and vegetables
  • Controlling airborne dust
  • Providing a cooling system

Are these systems beneficial to me?

Whilst sprinkling irrigation systems may initially appear to be simply systems with little thought behind them the truth is that these are well researched effective systems. These systems make very good use of water with respects to time spent on. Ordinarily these systems will only be used during optimal hours when the sun has retired for the day. The total time they are on is enough to ensure a thorough watering of all relevant vegetation. The heads of our sprinkling irrigation systems are numerous in nature. They are designed to cover all ground that requires sprinkling evenly!  

If you have the land then why not employ the best company in the business to help you with landscaping the backyard? The secret to good looking homes and commercial property is without a doubt attention to detail. What most fail to acknowledge is that this detail doesn’t just apply to the look of the building but the interior and exterior too. Just as a silk table cloth may add flair and class to a themed wedding a well landscaped property adds immeasurable aesthetic quality to property. Landscaping the backyard can also be used as a measure of making your backyard functional.

Our employees are passionate and highly skilled

Our company has a group of individuals that represent the finest candidates in the industry. Filled with passion and love for what they do they will pursue the highest levels of excellence with each and every job they do! Those lacking the little bit of creativity needed to build the ultimate landscape of their dreams can contact us for tips on landscape design and how to make the most of surroundings!

For more information on our other products such as our sprinkling irrigation please  contact us. today!  



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