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Landscaping the Backyard of Your Dreams with Ilnika Landscaping

If you desire a beautiful garden to be the first thing than greets you and the last thing you see in the morning, landscaping the backyard of your dreams is possible with Ilnika Landscaping. We will undertake the design, landscaping, sprinkling and irrigation of any domestic backyard, hotel, game reserve and more with your unique vision in mind...

Our passion for the impossible has led to a reputation of service excellence when designing and building gardens for formidable clients such as Legadema Private Game Reserve and Legends Golf and Safar Resorts. However, another passion of ours is attention to the smallest detail and no garden is “too small.” For this reason we gladly provide our services for landscaping and irrigating the backyard of an array of domestic residences. If you have a gardening dream, Ilnika Landscaping can make it a reality. Although a competent design team and artistic visionaries are part of our appeal, we will not entirely take over the creative process and will put your own ideas into action by providing our professional advice, assistance and techniques. If given free reign, our team could also create dream gardens the likes of which you may only ever have seen on your television.

Landscaping the backyard by definition involves improving the aesthetics of your garden’s natural and man-made elements. Landscape design how to” queries when you decide to start landscaping the backyard are covered by the following services we provide for you.

  • Altering contours: Your garden is made visually interesting and more intriguing by altering or accentuating its natural contouring. This can be achieved by the way grass is planted and paths are arranged as well as with beddings and arranging flowers in a certain pattern.
  • Adding ornamental and aquatic features: Garden ornaments such as pots and statues as well as water features provide a break from the flora while not disturbing the natural feel of the garden. The colour scheme is your choice but browns and beiges work very well for a rustic garden. The peace of the garden is improved greatly with the flowing water of a water feature.
  • Planting Flora: These are the most basic and natural elements of the garden—the plants. However, they can also be altered and an example is cutting a bush into a spiral or spherical design.
  • Irrigating: Ensuring that these natural elements receive the correct amount of water and nutrients is important because as much as a plant can make a garden; a dead one can ruin it.
  • Permanent features: While pots and the like are generally permanent, more so are walkways, lapas and walls. Ilnika Landscaping will gladly aid in the process of permanent alterations.

Landscaping the backyard need no longer be a tedious thing that you put off for months, because you can place such a project in the capable hands of Ilnika Landscaping, resting easy in the fact that the job will be done right the first time. Breathtaking gardens do not just happen, and the topography of your domestic or commercial gardens can be altered for a natural yet artistically designed appeal. In fact, commercially speaking your image stands to take a knock with unkempt or uninspiring garden designs. Please feel free to give us a call today!



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