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Landscaping the backyard the Ilnika way

We are going to guess, by the sheer virtue that you are on this page that you want to fix up your garden. In order to do this right you should be landscaping the backyard the Ilnika way. Here at Ilnika we love the earth and we want to showcase it at its finest. This is why we do beautiful landscaping of backyards and front yards. We can create rock gardens for you which are as beautiful as they are hardy and low maintenance. We can create wild ‘English garden’ with roses and whimsy everywhere. Whatever type of garden you want we can make it happen for you.

Our landscaping design portfolio

We know how to make any corner of earth even more beautiful and you can see this for yourself if you pop onto our website and take a look at our portfolio. We have the details and photographs from many of our best jobs. One of my personal favourites is 66 Rivonia Road. This garden is a perfect example of how we use hard and soft elements together to create a perfect balance in the design. This was a relatively small area which we were working on but we wanted to achieve a feeling of space within it. With a design which can only be described as “African Zen” we used a lot of indigenes plants which are familiar to the South African landscape. In addition to these plants we used stones of various shapes and colours to create whimsical patterns. These design elements were centred around a square water feature which acted as a focal point for the garden. This is an example of how a solid structural feature can ground the design (excuse the pun). By installing a strong central focal point into the garden you can allow the rest of the design to branch off of it and add softer elements to the garden. I love this design because it shows how a small, simple clean design which uses a lot of stones and strong plants can still feel soft, playful and elegant. 

66 Rivonia Road was a corporate space so you see that our services are not just for those who are wanting to do landscaping in the backyard. Our services are also for parks, estates, lodges and basically anywhere where someone has a bit of green that they would like us to make even more fantastic. We believe that the transfer of our skills and knowledge will contribute to our landscaping designs and we know how to help create a beautiful South Africa. We also love what we do and that is showcased in every design that we do. We take the time to carefully plant every plant and install every feature. We can even install sprinkling and irrigation systems to make maintenance easy. 

There are many more stunning gardens and patches of earth which we have worked our loving magic on some of which you can take a look at in our portfolio on our website. For more about us, landscaping the backyard and the garden, and the services we offer you, please be sure to get in touch with us today!

For more information on our other products such as our sprinkling irrigation please  contact us. today!  



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