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Landscaping the backyard with stones and water 

When it comes to giving your garden a new lease on life, there are many styles which you can go with, so why not try landscaping the backyard with stones and water. These two elements of nature work in a ying and yang form of balance. They create something which is solid and ridged while simultaneously soft and flowing. I, as a proud member of the Ilnika Landscaping team will use one of our stunning projects, the design of the grounds at Legadema Private Game Reserve which you can see in our portfolio, to explain this style to you. We did the design and layout of their beautiful grounds and using the elements of nature gave them grounds that were tranquil and relaxing. This project was much large than if you were landscaping the backyard but the ideas can still be applied in a smaller form. 

The first step in creating this very natural kind of design is to use what you already have in your landscape design and you must know how to work it into the design. At Legadema, we did not remove a single indigenous tree but simply incorporated them into our design. We used these trees as starting points for our design and built on them from there. Trees where very important in this design and they became the tall structural elements which provided height in the landscape. 

Staying with the idea of using what you have already, there was a great deal of rock which had been removed when the old garage structure was taken down. This was the rock which was used throughout the design and especially in the low rock wall which was built around the property. Where the old garage was we built a stunning new pond which also had some of this old rock in it to create that balance of water and rock. 

Now an important aspect on this type of landscape design that you need to know is how to us greenery to fill in the gaps between elements. At Legadema we were able to create large flower beds with cobble stone edges to bridge the hard and soft elements of stone and water. Let us now look at how you can achieve this at home when landscaping the backyard. 

You may not have an old stone building which you can recycle but you may have some old trees and possibly some old features like pathways. Now unless these are really old and dishevelled you can incorporate them very effectively. For the stone, you can simply go to a local nursery because they generally sell many different types and sizes of stones which you can use. My suggestion is to build a pond or a water feature which you can then line with stones and develop flower beds from there and use more of the stone to create an edge for these too. 

This is a very natural style which can look incredibly polished and beautiful and it may be a matter of playing around with the balance between elements before you commit to a design.  Alternatively you can simply contact us at Ilnika Landscaping can we can give you your own stone and water paradise including sprinkling and irrigation systems.

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